Cancel Schedules
  • 25 Oct 2023
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Cancel Schedules

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In Generations you mark a shift as cancelled, give a reason for the cancellation, indicate the action taken as a result of the cancellation, and report accurately on lost revenue as a result of cancellations. You complete the master lists of cancel reasons and actions. Cancelled shifts do not go to Timesheets.


Learn how to cancel a shift.

Cancelled Shifts Reason and Action Master Lists

When cancelling a shift, a reason and the action you took to resolve the situation must be added. Cancelled Shift Reason and Cancelled Shift Actions are two separate master lists. We add the most popular reasons and actions for you; you can add additional. Both lists are under the Schedule menu at the top of the Home screen. 

Cancelled Shift Reason

This is the reason that the shift is being cancelled.

Buttons and Toolbars

  • Alphabet: Click to view the items and begin with the selected letter.
  • 1 to 6 of 6 Records: Click the arrows to move through the list.
  • +New: Click to add a new item.
  • Yellow Pencil: Click to edit an item.
  • Red X: Click to delete an item.
  • Magnifying Glass: Click to audit and see who first created and who most recently updated an item.

Cancelled Shift Actions

This is the action that you took regarding this cancellation. Buttons and toolbars are the same as Cancelled Shift Reasons.

How To Cancel A Schedule

Let's say you want to cancel a schedule because a caregiver did not show up.

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  • Edit the schedule
  • Decide if you are changing the shift to Available, or leaving the Caregiver on the shift.
  • Put a checkmark in Cancelled shift
  • Select a cancelled shift reason. 
  • Select a cancelled shift action. 
  • If you wish, add a note to further explain why the shift was cancelled.
  • Click update and the cancellation is saved. The shift turns pink.
  • You can also cancel shifts directly from the Interruption of Service in a Client's file.
  • Depending on your office cancellation procedures, you may also need to document further in the Call Center, Client Notes, or Caregiver Notes.

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Mass Cancel Schedules

There maybe times where a client has been scheduled out to the end of the month or further, but then those schedules need to be canceled for whatever reason. Using Edit Schedules, you can mass cancel a date range of shifts.

  • On the monthly schedule, click Edit Schedules.
  • Add parameters like date range, time of shift, days of week, etc.
  • Add a checkmark to Cancelled Shifts.
    • Select shift payor. Only schedules with the selected payor will be mass canceled.
    • Select Canceled Shift Reasons.
    • Select Canceled Shift Actions.
    • Click OK.

When A Shift Is Cancelled

  • The schedule turns pink.
  • An app notification is sent to the Caregiver, Client, and Client's Contact. The message reads "Scheduled visit (5/6/2019 9am-5pm) has been cancelled."
  • Cancelled shifts do not go to Timesheets
    • If a schedule is cancelled and a timesheet already exists, the timesheet is removed unless it has been billed or paid. 
    • If a schedule is cancelled and a timesheet does not exist, a timesheet is not created.


  • Cancelled Shifts Report
  • Projected Billing Report has cancelled shift options
  • Many scheduling reports have an option to include cancelled shifts.

Lost Revenue Report

To see a report of lost revenue due to cancelled shifts, use the Projected Billing Report under Reports > Billing. Add a checkmark into "Cancelled Shifts Only," select other parameters, and click OK.

Old Methods of Cancelling Schedules

These methods are no longer needed as of May 2019. If your agency is using these, please consider using the updated cancellation method described above. If you are using method two below, we recommend inactivating the Service Codes and Payroll Items associated with cancelling shifts.

Remove The Schedule

  • Works best from the Client Interruption of Service (or Caregiver Absences.)
  • No advance setup of Service Codes or Payroll Items required.
  • No reporting on lost revenue.

For example, if Mrs. Jones does not need service the third week of March because she’s going out of town with family, you will do the following:

  • Add a Note in the Call Center.
  • Add a Client Interruption of Service with Reason. This deletes the shifts for you and adds a blue bar on Schedules. Now everyone who looks at the schedule knows there’s an Interruption of Service for the given time period.
  • Notify the Caregiver(s.)
  • Alternatively, delete the schedule then add the interruption.

If a Caregiver calls off, do not add a Client Interruption of Service; instead, add a Caregiver Absence which changes the existing caregiver to Available Shift. Then find and fill the shift.

Do Not Remove The Schedule

  • More work up front, but allows reporting of lost revenue
  • Requires advance setup including Service Code, Payroll Item, and Caregiver.
  • Works with Client Interruption of Service
  • Can work for both Client cancellations and Caregiver call offs.

Let’s look at the same scenario: Mrs. Jones does not need service the third week of March. With the "do not remove schedule" approach, you need the following things established before Mrs. Jones calls the office:

  • A Client Note Type called Client Cancelled Shift or similar.
  • A Service Code called client cancelled shift. Give it a $0 dollar rate because you are not charging the client for the cancelled shift.
  • A Payroll Item called client cancelled shift on the Payroll Items Master List.
  • A Caregiver called Client Cancelled Shift. Assign this Caregiver a payroll item Client Cancelled Chift the pay rate of $0. Put a checkmark in default.

With these items set up, when Mrs. Jones calls, you:

  • Add a Note in the Call Center using that Client Cancelled Shift Note Type.
  • Notify the Caregiver that the shift has been cancelled.
  • Add a Client Interruption of Service, but do NOT delete the shifts.
  • Change the original shifts to include:
    • Service code = client cancelled shift $0
    • Caregiver = client cancelled shift
    • Payroll Item and Rate = Client Cancelled Shift $0

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Under this scenario, if a Caregiver calls off, you follow the same basic steps: Add a separate Payroll Item and rate called “Caregiver Called Off.”  And, of course, be sure to add an Absence for the Caregiver.

Other considerations when not removing the schedule.

  • Confirming the shifts is optional. If you leave the shifts Unconfirmed, they do not appear on billing or payroll reports, and may be less confusing for a Client or Caregiver.
  • If your agency has a cancellation fee, you can change the Service Code on the shift to the appropriate cancellation fee Service Code. This method works best with a flat rate service code for cancellation. Additionally, if you Confirm the shift and process as normal, the cancellation fee will be on Timesheet and billing reports, plus any invoices. 

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