Caregiver File Overview
  • 18 Dec 2023
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Caregiver File Overview

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Caregivers provide services for Clients. This area of Generations is for Caregivers and their relevant information. It is an electronic file folder that holds everything about the Caregiver from basic information like birth date, phone number, and address to more complex information like licensing, skills, and absences or vacations. Caregivers can be employees, Independent Contractors, or a mix of both.

  • If you are new to Generations and have QuickBooks desktop, you can import your Caregivers from QuickBooks. If you subscribe to QuickBooks payroll services, employees cannot be exported from Generations to QuickBooks. You must manually add employees into QuickBooks Online.


Learn about the Master Lists associated with Caregivers in a video.

About the Caregiver File

These are the different areas of the Caregiver's file.

  • Personal Data: Basic contact information

  • Absences: A list of scheduled and unscheduled absences.

  • Attachments: Attach Word, Excel, or PDF files.

  • Custom Fields: Define your own fields to track information on Caregivers that is not already in Generations.

  • Exclusions: A list of Clients the Caregiver is not allowed to work with.

  • History: Emails, texts, and messages sent to the Caregiver from Generations.

  • In-Services: Caregiver trainings.

  • Miscellaneous: Free-form data entry.

  • Notes: Documentation regarding the Caregiver.

  • Payroll Items: Used to record the various rates of pay for this Caregiver.

  • Reminders: Used to keep track of date-driven credentials like TB tests, CNA licenses, and so on.

  • Attributes: Used in Caregiver Search to better match a Client and Caregiver.

  • Supervised Visits: Quality assurance for how a Caregiver performs during a Supervised Visit.

  • Unavailable: Routine days and times the Caregiver is not available to work.

  • Visit History: Summary of who the Caregiver has worked with.


These buttons are in every Caregiver file. Learn about these buttons in a video.

  • Information Summary: A report that summarizes all information about the Caregiver. This report is also in Reports.

  • Audit: Click to see who first added the Caregiver and who most recently updated the Caregiver.

  • Outlook: Add the Caregiver to your contacts in Outlook.

  • Email: Send an email to the Caregiver with Generations email or your default Windows email system. 

    • Generations sends emails from our servers and uses your email address. 

    • There is a 4,000 character limit per email. 

    • You can also configure Generations to send emails and alerts through a custom mail server.

  • Calendar: Click to open the Caregiver's schedule.

  • Close: Click the exit the Caregiver's file. 

Master Lists Associated With Caregivers

Master Lists invite you to customize Generations to reflect the realities of your business. The below list is an overview of the Master Lists typically associated with Clients. Please refer to the Master Lists area of Help for additional information about each list. Some lists (like Reminders and Custom Fields) are shared by both Clients and Caregivers.

  • ACA Status: Indicates Caregiver's ACA Status.

  • Attributes: Clients have Needs and Caregivers have Attributes. This list helps match a Client and Caregiver via Caregiver Search.

  • Caregiver Note Types: Subject headings for documentation.

  • Cell Carriers: Used to add cell phone providers unique text extensions needed to setup Caregivers for texting.

  • City Minimum Wage: For cities that require a Caregiver be paid a minimum wage while working in the city limits.

  • Class: Indicates the office with which the caregiver is associated.

  • Classification: Caregiver skill level.

  • County: The county in which the Caregiver resides.

  • Custom Fields: Fields defined by your agency.

  • Holiday: Used to indicate dates that you want holiday pay rates calculated.

  • In-Services: Education for Caregivers.

  • Payroll Items: The name of various pay rates.

  • Reasons: Further elaborate on the status of the Caregiver.

  • Referral Sources for Caregivers: Tracks how Caregivers learn about your agency.

  • Reminders: Date-driven credentials like TB tests, CNA license, driver's license, and so on.

  • Txt Msg Group: A way to further define a group of Caregivers for texting purposes.

Reports Associated with Caregivers

  • ACA Full Time Equivalent

  • ACA Measurement

  • ACA New Hire Measurement

  • Caregiver Anniversary (Date of Hire)

  • Caregiver Assignments

  • Caregiver Availability

  • Caregiver Badges

  • Caregiver Birthdays

  • Caregiver Directory

  • Caregiver Information Summary

  • Caregiver In-Services

  • Caregiver Notes

  • Caregiver Referral

  • Caregiver Reminders Report

  • Caregiver Statistics

  • Caregiver Vacations and Absences

  • Caregiver Visit Count

  • Caregiver Working Report

  • Caregivers by Classification

  • Invalid Caregiver Logins

  • Paycheck Protection FTE Report

  • Supervised Visits

Caregiver Mobile App

The Generations mobile app is free to download.  Caregivers can view schedules, send secure messages via the Message Center, clock in/out of schedules via EVV including the Offline Mode, and more. To learn more, click here.

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