City Minimum Wage
  • 08 Jan 2024
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City Minimum Wage

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Article Summary

Some cities require that workers be paid at or above a minimum wage while working within the city limits. 

  • The city minimum wage is set by the city government, and is usually above the national and state minimum wage. 
  • If you service clients in several cities with different minimum wage levels, use this master list to track the various required minimum.

Buttons and Toolbars

  • +New: Click to add a new item.
  • 1 to 4 of 4 Records: Click the arrows to move through the list.
  • Yellow Pencil: Click to edit an item.
  • Red X: Click to delete an item.
  • Magnifying Glass: Click to audit to see who first created and who most recently updated an item.

How To Add A City Minimum Wage

  • Click the green +New button.
  • Type city and associated minimum wage.
  • Click save.

Scheduling Integration

  • When scheduling, Generations compares the city in which the client lives to the wage the Caregiver is assigned.
  • If the wage is below the specified City Minimum Wage, you are alerted
  • To be able to schedule the Caregiver with the Client, you must give the Caregiver a wage that meets or exceeds the City Minimum Wage.

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