Client File Overview
  • 12 Oct 2023
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Client File Overview

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Clients are patients or care recipients; your agency may have a different name for these people. This area is for Clients and their relevant information. Think of it as an electronic file folder that holds everything about the Client from basic information like birth date, phone number, and address to more complex information like family members, authorizations, and plans of care.

  • If you are new to Generations and have QuickBooks, you can import Clients from QuickBooks.
  • The same information available for Active and Inactive Clients is also available for Potential Clients. 


About The Client File

These are the different areas of the Client's file.

  • Personal Data: Basic contact information.
  • Attachments: Attach Word, Excel, or PDF files.
  • Charting: Care and Wound notes.
  • Contacts: People you may need to contact regarding this Client - family members, friends, etc.
  • Custom Fields: Define your own fields to track information on Clients that is not already in Generations.
  • Directions/Misc: Get directions or enter data free-form.
  • Exclusions/Preferences: Caregivers that the Client likes or does not like.
  • History: Emails and messages sent from Generations to the Client.
  • Interruptions of Service: Dates when the Client does not need service.
  • Needs: Used in Caregiver Search to better match a Client and Caregiver.
  • Notes: Documentation regarding the Client.
  • Plan of Care (485): An assessment form, plan of care, and the CMS485.
  • Reminders: Used to keep track of date-driven items.
  • Service Orders: Used for authorizations for Medicaid, insurance companies, and similar.
  • Supervisory Visits: Documents supervisory visits.
  • Visit History: Summary of who has worked with this Client.
  • Wellness: Tracks overall well-being of the Client.


These buttons are in every Client file. 

  • Information Summary: A report that summarizes all information about the Client. The same report can be found in Reports.
  • Audit: Click to see who first added the Client and who most recently updated the Client. Additional audit options for Client files is under the Admin menu.
  • Outlook: Add the Client to your contacts in Microsoft Outlook.
  • Email:Send an email to the Client. Use either Generations email or your default Windows operating system email. 
    • Generations email sends from our servers, and uses your email address. 
    • There is a 4,000 character limit per email.
    • You can also configure Generations to send emails and alerts through a custom mail server
  • Calendar: Open the Client's schedule in Monthly view.
  • Close: Click to exit the Client's file.

Master Lists Associated with Clients

Master Lists invite you to customize Generations to reflect the realities of your business. The below list is an overview of the Master Lists typically associated with Clients. Please refer to the Master Lists area of Help for additional information about each list.

Reports Associated with Clients

  • Case Manager Assigned Clients
  • Client Assessment Form - Blank
  • Client Birthdays
  • Client Contacts
  • Client Directory
  • Client Information Summary
  • Client Interruption of Service
  • Client Medication
  • Client Notes
  • Client Reminders
  • Client Retention
  • Client Roster
  • Client Statistics
  • Client Supervisory Visits Due
  • Client Visit Count Summary
  • CMS1500 ICD10 Code Conversion
  • Hospitalizations and ER Visits
  • Inquiries and Assessments Report
  • Invalid Client Logins
  • Medication Administration Record (MARS)
  • Payor Directory Report
  • Payors Assigned to Clients
  • Plan of Care CMS485
  • Plan of Care Private Duty
  • Plan of Care Tasks (7 Days)
  • Plan of Care Ending
  • Quality Assurance Ratings
  • Referral Source Directory
  • Referrals By Date
  • Sales Rep By Client
  • Service Order Authorizations
  • Service Order Ending
  • Service Order Prospective Schedules
  • Visit Count
  • Wound Summary

Client Mobile App

The Generations Mobile App is free to download and can be used by Clients and their Contacts to view schedules, tasks, wellness, and more. To learn more, click here.

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