Communication Overview
  • 28 Aug 2023
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Communication Overview

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To help with communication between an agency and its caregivers and clients, Generations offers several messaging tools.

Secure Messaging via Message Center

The Message Center is a secure way to communicate with Caregivers designed to replace email and text messaging. Using the Message Center ensures that all information stays in Generations and helps your agency stay HIPAA compliant.

  • Can be used with SMS (Text) enabled.
  • For Email to Text, the Caregiver receives a text notification to check messages in the Message Center on the mobile app.

EVV Messaging

EVV Messaging can be used in addition to or as an alternative to the Message Center, SMS, or Text via Email.

  • Can be used with Message Center, SMS, and Email to Text.
  • Caregiver reads the message on the app or hears the message on the phone. 
  • Agency sees that message was delivered.

SMS (Text)

Sending SMS to caregivers is a communication alternative to using the Message Center, although is not considered secure. SMS stands for Short Message Service and is commonly known as texting.

  • Can be used with the Message Center enabled. If SMS(Text) is enabled, an agency cannot use Text via Email.
  • As part of setup, we handle the A2P 10DLC registration.

Text via Email

Text via Email, unlike SMS(Text) option, uses an API that works by accepting emails sent to a specific email address (for example, It then transforms them into an SMS(text) compatible format to where the message can be pushed out to the intended recipient. 

  • Can be used with the Message Center enabled.

Other Methods of Communicating With Caregivers

Here are other ways you can communicate with Caregivers from Generations. Some of these require that the caregiver be web-enabled and others require that you have a Generations EVV subscription.

  • Available Shifts Allow caregivers to view and request available shifts on the app.
  • Care Notes Customized documentation that caregivers complete on the app. Requires signatures.
  • Caregiver Assignment Reports Includes visit details and client address/location. Some information in the report pulls from the Client Misc. tab.
  • Caregiver Calendar Report Email a calendar-style report to the caregivers.
  • Caregiver Mini-Schedules Report Email condensed lists of shifts.
  • Caregiver Reminders and the automated remind option in the master list. This automatically notifies caregivers of expiring Reminders seven (7) days before the item expires.
  • Caregiver Reminders Report This report has an option to send an email and/or print a letter about reminders.
  • Caregiver Screening Developed for the pandemic, this requires caregivers to answer specific questions before logging into a shift.
  • Caregiver Search Contact caregivers directly from search results via email or text.
  • Client Care Plan Allow caregivers to view the plan of care.
  • Daily Schedule Reminder Automatically send a reminder about tomorrow's shifts to caregivers. 
  • Document Management Upload, organize, and share documents with Caregivers, Clients, and office staff.
  • Incomplete Task Notes Allows caregivers to explain why a required task was not completed. This is established in Admin > Company Settings > Web Portal > Caregiver Portal.
  • Letter Writer Create and save letters that you can use over and over.
  • Missed Visit Alerts Automatically alerts you (and the caregiver) when there is no clock in on a shift. This is set up in Admin > Company Settings > EVV > Alert Notifications.
  • Online Application Potential caregivers can complete an application online that immediately loads into Generations.
  • Timesheet Reports Many timesheet reports can be emailed to caregivers.
  • Visit Notes Simple text documentation on the app.
  • Wellness Questions Caregivers answer questions about the client's well-being on the app.
  • Wound Notes Caregivers complete wound documentation on the app. Requires signatures.

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