Confirm, Copy, and Delete Schedules
  • 02 Nov 2023
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Confirm, Copy, and Delete Schedules

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Article Summary

You can confirm, copy, and delete schedules. 


Best practices for confirming shifts with or without EVV

Watch a video about copying schedules.

Watch a video about deleting schedules.

Confirm Schedules

Shifts in Generations have a status of either confirmed or not confirmed

  • Confirming a schedule indicates that the shift was worked, the times are correct, and you want to bill and pay for this shift
  • The confirmed shifts are used to create Timesheets (which leads to billing and payroll.) 
  • You can confirm in any area of Schedules.

If you use the Generations EVV, many schedules update and confirm automatically. However, if a shift is not automatically confirmed, we recommend adding a note to explain how you determined that the shift should be confirmed.

How to Confirm

To confirm multiple shifts:

  • Click the confirm button at the top of the screen.
  • Select the Client.
  • Select the Caregiver.
  • Add from and through dates.
  • Specify start time is optional. However, if the Caregiver works more than one shift per day with this Client, it is helpful.
  • Add notes.
  • Click Confirm Schedule.

To confirm one shift:

  • Click on the shift you wish to confirm.
  • Make changes as desired.
  • Put a checkmark in the "Confirmed" box.
  • Click Update.

Confirm on the Grid

There are two ways to confirm on the grid:

  • Click the yellow pencil and follow the above instructions for confirming one shift.
  • Add a checkmark in the "Confirmed" box for each line.

Confirm Using Paper Timecards

As a best practice when confirming from paper timecards, we recommend the following:

  1. Alphabetize the Timesheets received from the Caregivers by Caregivers last name.
  2. Select the first Caregiver.
  3. Change the start date and end date in the Grid to reflect your pay period. Click submit. The Grid filters to show only the shifts for this Caregiver within that time period.
  4. Confirm their shifts, making adjustments as needed.
  5. Repeat until all Schedules are confirmed.

Copy Schedules

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In each area of scheduling, you can copy one or several schedules. If a Payroll Item or Service Code is inactive, you cannot copy shifts associated with those inactive items. 

Copy One Shift

  • Click the word copy (or click the copy icon on the Grid.) Let's say you want to copy the 8a-12p shift onto other days.
  • The copy schedule dialogue appears. Remove the checkmark from the 8a-12p shift, and select the dates on which the 4p-7p shift should occur. 
  • Make other selections as desired. When you're ready, click submit and the shifts copy onto the schedule.


  • Frequency: Select one - daily or weekly. Daily is selected by default.
  • Schedules To Copy: Select the schedule or schedules that you want to copy.
  • Selected Dates: Use the calendar to select the dates onto which the schedules will be copied. 
  • Calendar: Click on a day to select. Use arrows to move to different months.
  • Do not copy schedule notes: If left unchecked, will not copy existing schedule notes.
  • Include Other Expenses: If left unchecked, will not copy existing Other Expenses.
  • Confirmation Status: No change, confirmed, not confirmed.
  • Mileage Prompt: No change, enabled, disabled.
  • Client QA: No change, enabled, disabled.
  • Clear Dates: Click to clear the selected dates.
  • Submit: Click to save the copied schedules to the schedule.
  • Cancel: Click to exit the screen.

Copy One Or More Weeks

The steps are very similar when copying a week forward with a couple other options:

  • Week Starting Date: The current week selected populates automatically. Select any week as desired.
  • # of Weeks to copy forward: Determines how many weeks into the future the shifts are copied.
  • Every X Weeks: Click to indicate if the schedule should copy every other week, every third week, etc. 


  • Select the frequency of weekly.
  • Enter the week starting date.
  • Enter the number of weeks to copy forward. 
  • Select other parameters as desired.
  • Click submit.
  • The schedules are copied.

Delete Schedules

You can delete schedules in any view. When a schedule is deleted, everything associated with the schedule is also deleted.

  • There is also a Delete Schedules Audit to help you investigate who, what, and why shifts were deleted.
  • Delete by editing the shift and clicking the delete button. Or, on the Grid, click the Red X. See below for how to use the Delete Range button at the top of schedules.
  • If the delete button is grey, you most likely do not have permission to delete. Check with your administrator who can adjust your permissions in Admin > Company Settings > Security.

Delete Range

  • Select the first day of the shift you wish to delete, then click the Delete Range button.
  • Select the Client and Caregiver.
  • Specify the date range of the Schedules you wish to delete.
  • Specific the start time, if necessary
  • Specify which days of the week (or all days)
  • Click OK and confirm that you wish to delete the shifts.

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