Custom Fields
  • 19 Feb 2024
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Custom Fields

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Article Summary

Use the Custom Fields Master List to add personalized details to Clients and Caregivers beyond what is already in Generations. This is the place to track things that are specific for your agency like:

  • Is the client allowed to drive?
  • What is another phone number to reach a caregiver?
  • What is the client's pharmacy preference?
  • Did you give a uniform/shirt to the new caregiver?

Because this list is shared by clients and caregivers, find it under both the client and caregiver menus at the top of the Home Screen. 



  • +New: Click to add a new Custom Field.
  • Yellow Pencil: Click to edit an existing Custom Field.
  • Red X: Click to delete a Custom Field. You cannot delete a Custom Field if it is assigned to a Client or Caregiver.
  • 1 to 63 of 63 Records: Click the arrows to move through the list.

Add A Custom Field

You can have as many different Custom Fields as you need on the master list. Start by clicking the green +New button.

  • Custom Field: Type the personalized item here.
  • Client: Add a checkmark if you want this item to be available in the Client file.
  • Caregiver: Add a checkmark if you want this item to be available in the Caregiver file.
  • Print On Info Summary: Add a checkmark if you want this to be included in the Information Summary for the Client and/or Caregiver.
  • Sort Order:Optional. By default the fields sort alphabetically. 
    • If you want them sorted in a custom order, enter a number in the sort order field. 
    • If you do not add numbers in some of the Custom Fields, those without numbers sort first and alphabetically.
    • If you enter the same number in more than one field, then Custom Fields sort secondary by alpha.
  • Default: Optional. Add a checkmark to make this field automatically be in the file of each new Client or Caregiver.
  • Update: Click to save.
  • Cancel: Click to close without saving.

Assign Custom Fields To Clients or Caregivers

This works the same for clients and caregivers.

  • Open a specific person's file.
  • Click Custom Fields.
  • Click the green +New button.
  • Select the Custom Field from the list.
  • Add additional words in the description. For example, if the custom field is additional phone, you would add the phone number.

Show Custom Fields In Client and Caregiver Lists

  • Click the Column Chooser button.
  • Add a checkmark next to the Custom Field you want displayed in the list.
  • Use the arrows on the right to arrange your preferred order.
  • Click OK.

Use Custom Fields in Report Writer

Much like in the Client and Caregiver lists, you can use Custom Fields in Report Writer. 


Custom Fields are specific and personalized for your agency. Here are examples we have seen.

For Caregivers

  • additional phone
  • declined insurance
  • department
  • emergency contact
  • gave uniform/shirt
  • ID number
  • mailing address
  • maximum hours
  • Quit-first time
  • returned-first time
  • scrubs verified
  • supervisor
  • withholding allowance

For Clients

  • 2nd Case Manager
  • additional phone
  • Allowed to drive Y/N
  • blood type
  • file number
  • firearms in the home
  • hospital preference
  • IVR phone number
  • legally authorized rep
  • living will/location
  • Medicaid copay
  • native or preferred language
  • pet name
  • pharmacy of choice
  • responsible party
  • spouse name
  • supervisor
  • waitlist
  • wedding anniversary

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