Dashboard Overview
  • 06 Jan 2023
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Dashboard Overview

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 Found on the Home screen, the Dashboard shows key company metrics at-a-glance from number of active Clients to scheduled hours and from profit margin to conversion ratios.

  • By default, the Dashboard shows statistics for the current month.
  • Use the filter button to see other date ranges or to select a Location or Client Type.


Watch a video about the Dashboard.

My Company At-A-Glance

This area shows a bird's eye view of key master lists.

  • Click the number next to the list to open that area; for example, to open the Classification Master List, click the number in blue to the right of Classification.
  • The My Company At-A-Glance section does not change with filter dates.

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This area shows you information from key operational reports.

  • Click the number in blue to open the associated report.
  • The Operational section changes based on date filter.
  • Plan of Care Ending: This only shows the "latest" Plan of Care (POC) for each client. For example, if the client has two POC's ending in May; one POC expires on May 14th and the other on May30th. The POC Ending report only shows the May 30th because it is the latest.

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The data here pulls from Timesheets and shows important financial statistics for the overall health of the agency. The Financial section changes based on date filter.

If you do not want all staff to view financial data, adjust the security settings in Admin > Company Settings > Security.

  • No financial data shows if someone has access to both Billing and Payroll Reports.
  • Financial data does shows if a user has access to Create and Edit Timesheets and a) Billing Reports OR b) Timesheet Reports.

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  • Clients Serviced.  Number of unique clients that were billed during the period.
  • Hourly Clients.  Number of unique clients that you provided hourly services for.  
  • Flat Rate Clients. Number of unique clients that you provided flat rate services for.
If you have a client that received both flat rate and hourly services they will be included in both the hourly total and flat rate total.  In this case the total of flat rate plus hourly will be greater than the clients serviced count.
  • Flat Rate Shifts / Hours.  Shows the number of flat rates shifts and the total hours of a all those shifts.  
  • Total Revenue.  Gross amount billed during the period.
  • Total Gross Payroll. Amount paid during the period.
  • Gross Profit.  Total Revenue - Total Payroll.  
  • % Wage to Revenue. Total Payroll divided by Total Revenue.
  • Hourly Clients. Number of clients receiving hourly services.
  • Hourly Serviced Hours. Number of hours of hourly service provided. This number does not include the Travel Time Client.
  • Hourly Revenue. Revenue generated by hourly services.
  • Hourly % Revenue. Hourly revenue divided by total revenue..
  • Flat Rate Clients. Number of clients receiving flat rate services.
  • Flat Rate Shifts/Hour. Number of flat rate shifts per hour
  • Flat Rate Revenue. Revenue generated by flat rate shifts.
  • Flat Rate % Revenue. Flat rate revenue divided by total revenue.


The marketing dashboard provides information on inquiries, assessments, corresponding ratios, and referral activities in the Call Center or directly in the referral file The marketing section changes based on filter dates.

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  • To make most of this area, complete the inquiry, assessment date, and service start date on the Client personal data page.
  • See much of the same data on the Client Inquiries and Assessments Report. An explanation of the calculations is here.
  • Referral Activities information pulls from the Call Center.

Client QA

If you use Generations EVV, the cumulative Quality Assurance ratings display here. Learn more about Quality Assurance.

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