Florida iConnect
  • 08 Feb 2024
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Florida iConnect

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Article Summary

This interface allows agencies to submit visit note information for claims to iConnect as required in an XML file.

Setup Generations

To be able to use the iConnect FL interface, work with Payors, Service Codes, Caregivers, Clients, and Schedules.


We recommend setting up specific payors for iConnect. Only schedules with iConnect payors will be sent to the interface.

Service Codes

The recommended best practice is to create separate Service Code descriptions for state programs. For example, for state personal care services your service code description might be "Personal Care" or "Personal Care T1019."

For each iConnect service code

  • Enter the Vendor Service ID into the Service Account Number Field.
  • In an older version of the interface, the Auth Service ID was required in the Procedure Code (former Alt Description) field. As of January 2024, that is no longer required and has been replaced by entering the Auth Service ID in the iConnect Service ID field in the client's Service Order.

Caregiver Personal Data

Enter the caregiver Member ID into the Caregiver Other ID field located on the caregiver's profile>personal data tab. This number must match what is in iConnect.

Client Personal Data

  • Enter Client First and Last Name. This needs to match what is in iConnect. This can only be a name, and it cannot include special characters. For example, Suzanne "Susie" Smith is not acceptable.
  • Enter client Case No. into the client Accounting ID field.
  • Service Orders are required.
    • Service Order must have Payor, Authorization number, and Auth Service ID into the iConnect Service ID field.
    • Every schedule for an iConnect Client must have a Payor, Service Order and Visit Note.


  • Add schedules as normal. Be sure iConnect shifts have Payors and Service Orders assigned.
  • Only schedules with assigned iConnect Payors are sent to iConnect
  • Visit Notes are required. For each shift to send to iConnect there must be a visit note.
    • Caregivers can be given permission to both add and read Visit Notes via the mobile app. 
    • They can also view notes written by others regarding the Client. 
    • See the Note Type Master List for additional information. 
    • Any notes added by the Caregiver appear in both the Client's and Caregiver's file under Notes.
    • Permission for this function is given in Admin >Company Settings >Web Portal.

iConnect Interface in Generations

Click the Interfaces drop down menu at the top of the Generations Home screen and select APD iConnect FL.

Main Tab

  • Add checkmarks for each Payor associated with iConnect. Add the Payor's Program ID in the field to the right of the check-box.
  • Enter in your agency's iConnect ID provided by iConnect FL.
  • Click save.

Export Visits

When you are ready to export visit files, go to the Main tab of the iConnect interface:

  • Select client(s) you would like to export.
  • Select Services. Choose the specific services to export.
  • Select Type. Choose whether you want to export confirmed or unconfirmed schedules.
  • Select Contact Type. Choose what contact type you would like to send.
  • Click Export Visits


The Log tab provides information about visits that have been configured. Scroll to the far right.,

  • Select the file you would like to export to iConnect. The file opens as an XML file.

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