• 01 Dec 2023
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Article Summary

Download a .CSV file from Generations and import into Payright using the Billing Export. Billing Export can be found either by clicking on Interfaces then Billing Export, or from the Billing Export icon at the bottom right of the screen. We strongly recommend running billing exports at least twice. 

  • First, to ensure data accuracy.
  • Second when you're 100% sure your data is correct to mark Timesheets as billed.

Billing Export Configuration

You configure the export one time. Click Billing Export Config and select the following fields.

  • Client Last Name
  • Client First Name
  • Client Type
  • Caregiver Last Name
  • Caregiver First Name
  • Service Code
  • Service Type
  • Date
  • Start Time
  • End Time
  • Hours
  • Cost Per Unit
  • Received Timecard
  • Billed
  • Rate Modifier
  • Modifier Type
  • Total Billable
  • Rate of Pay
  • Pay Hours
  • Total Payable
  • Short Description

How To Export

Once you have the configured the billing export, 

  • Select the clients, date range and other parameters as desired.
  • Click OK.
  • The file opens by default in an Excel .CSV format.

Sample Export

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