Payroll Overview
  • 06 Dec 2023
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Payroll Overview

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Article Summary

Simplify payroll by exporting timesheets to QuickBooks, Paychex, ADP, and more. Schedules hold the information you need for payroll: name of the caregiver, pay rates,  shift times, and so on. Payroll options include:

  • Send Timesheets for employees or Bills for vendors to QuickBooks.
  • ADP Pay eXpert and Workforce.
  • Paychex Core, PNG, Flex, and Preview.
  • Payroll Export for a .CSV to import into other systems.
  • Our API can query hours for up to seven days. 
  • Sleep time, travel time, overtime, and break time can all be tracked.


There are many videos to help you learn about payroll with Generations and you can find videos about payroll on specific pages like:

Learn about payroll reports that pull from Timesheets.

Data Flow

Basic Steps

Regardless of whether you're doing billing or payroll, the basic steps are:

  • Update and confirm schedules. Work through Travel Time and Other Expenses if appropriate. Then run an Unconfirmed Shifts Report.
  • Create Timesheets
  • Edit Timesheets if required.
  • Review a billing or payroll report.
  • Correct errors in Schedules and create Timesheets again. Repeat until the report is perfect.
  • Send the data elsewhere: QuickBooks, a third party payroll system, a CMS1500/837p, a State EVV system, and so on.
  • Process the information in other software.

Review these steps in more detail with Billing and Payroll in Detail.

Other Considerations

Break Time

Break time is called scheduled breaks in Generations and these are added to existing schedules. Use the scheduled breaks tab to add/edit when a caregiver should take a break(s) during their shift. Checking Timesheet Ready means Generations will automatically deduct the duration of the break(s) from Timesheets for billing/payroll.  

  • Scheduled Breaks are enabled in Admin > Company Settings > EVV > General - Other Options.
  • On the mobile app, Caregivers see their scheduled breaks and verify that the break was taken.
  • If clocking in by phone, caregivers hear break times read aloud upon login. When logging out, caregivers are prompted to verify if the break was taken.

Full Time Equivalent (FTE) Hours

Generations has tools to help you measure and report on FTEs. Learn more about the ACA Tools in Generations.

Garnish Wages

If you need to garnish wages, we recommend using QuickBooks or your payroll program. In Generations you can:

Other Expenses

Other expenses are services you bill the client or pay the caregiver for that are not scheduled. 

  • Other Expenses are maintained in the Service Code Master List
  • Examples of Other Expenses: agency fee, bonus, gas reimbursement, initial client deposit, mileage, parking, and supplies.
  • Other Expenses are added to a shift, in Edit Timesheets, or imported directly from Generations EVV.


Generations can calculate overtime automatically. Please see the settings in Admin > Company Settings > Other Options. Learn more about overtime.

Paid Time Off

Use caregiver absences to track specific dates, and then track the actual PTO in your payroll software. 

Sleep Time

Using two or more back-to-back schedules you can account for sleep time. Learn more about sleep time


Generations does not have fields for deductions or accruals. Tax information and sick day accruals are maintained in QuickBooks or with your payroll vendor.

Travel Time

Travel Time is way to document and pay for the amount of time a caregiver takes to travel from client A to client B, from B to client C, and so on. On the other hand, Travel Time does not include the time it takes the caregiver to travel from home to their first client of the day, nor the time it takes the caregiver to travel from the last client of the day to home. Travel Time is required by the US Department of Labor.

Timesheet/Payroll Reports

  • DST Adjusted Times
  • Other Expenses Report by Caregiver
  • Overlapping Timesheet Conflicts
  • Overtime Report
  • Received Timecards
  • Timesheet Detail by Pay Period
  • Timesheet Summary by Pay Period
  • Timesheet Summary by Payroll Item
  • Timesheets Missing Schedules

Looking for a projected payroll report? Consider the Gross Profit Report which shows projected payroll as expenses.

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