Reports Overview
  • 05 Feb 2024
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Reports Overview

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Article Summary

There are many Reports built into Generations. Access them from the list at the top of the Home Screen or via the Reports icon.  

  • Reports can be emailed, printed, or exported to Microsoft Word and/or Microsoft Excel.
  • You can also flag your most frequently used Reports as Favorites so they are easier to find.
  • For additional reporting options, look at the Report Writer.

As a best practice, do not send any electronic messages (including reports, emails, and text messages) that contain identifiable Client information like full name, address, phone, date of birth, etc.


Watch a 48-minute Spotlight Session webinar about Reports and Report Writer from July 2020. Download the webinar slides.

Explore The Screen

  • Category: Select a Report Category. You could also search for a specific report.
  • Format: Select the format. The default format is PDF.  
    • PDF: This is the default format. Opens the document in your computer's default PDF reader.
    • Excel: Opens the report in Excel and retains formatting.
    • Excel Data: Opens the report in Excel, retains formatting. This does not merge cells and each object is added to only one cell.
    • Word: Opens the report in Microsoft Word.
    • RTF: RTF is an abbreviation for Rich Text Format. Most word processing programs can open .RTF files.
    • Email: Emails a copy of the report. For example, if you select email and then Caregiver Mini-Schedules, each individual caregiver gets their own schedule. 
  • All Reports: Click on the name of the report to open parameters. Parameters vary widely from report to report.
  • Favorites: Click on your most frequently used reports to make them easier to find. 

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  • Search: Click to search for a report. The list of displayed reports changes as you type.

Run A Report

Here's an example of running a Client Directory Report. 

  • Find the report in the list of reports and click; the parameter screen opens. 
  • For the Client Directory, you can use Client Type, Status, Priority, and Location. 
  • Click OK and the report opens in the selected format. The default is PDF.
  • If the report does not open, you may have pop-up blockers turned on. See system requirements for how to turn off pop-up blockers in all major browsers.
  • If you open a report and see "A negative value is not valid," the logo needs to be resized.

List of Reports

Below is a summary of the reports and descriptions in alphabetical order. New reports are constantly added so this list may not reflect all system reports.


ACA Full Time EquivalentCaregiversHelps comply with the employer mandate of the Affordable Care Act.
ACA MeasurementCaregiversDetermines insurance eligibility for established employees under ACA guidelines.
ACA New Hire MeasurementCaregiversDetermines insurance eligibility for new hires under ACA guidelines.
Advance Billing ReconciliationBillingReconciles changes to Timesheets since the Advance Billing Checkpoint was clicked.
Available Shifts Grouped by Case ManagerCase ManagerLists all Available Shifts by Case Manager and date range.
Available Shifts Grouped by DateSchedulesLists shifts that need to be filled by date.
Available Shifts Grouped by ClientsSchedulesLists shifts that need to be filled by Client and date range.
Available Shift Request ReportSchedulesLists all available shift requests.


Billing Report by ClientBillingBilling details for Clients shown by service and shift including Other Expenses.  Also used for CMS1500/837p and UB04/837i.
Billing Report by DateBillingBilling details shown by client and type of services; does not include Other Expenses.
Billing Report by ServiceBillingBilling details shown by date and client; does not include Other Expenses.


Calendar ReportsSchedulesPrints a calendar-style report for one or more months for Clients or Caregivers.
Call Center Report
Call Center activities. This is the same report available in the Call Center.
Cancelled ShiftsSchedulesSchedules by date with cancelled shifts.
Caregiver Anniversary (Date of Hire) CaregiversLists all Caregivers with date of hire between given dates.
Caregiver AssignmentsCaregiversCan be shared with Caregivers and includes visit details and client address/location . Some information pulls from Client Misc. tab.
Caregiver BadgesCaregivers, Mailing LablesName badges with optional pictures. Requires Avery label templates.
Caregiver BirthdayCaregiversBirthdays within a given month.
Caregiver DirectoryCaregiversPrints a directory style listing of Caregivers, Classification, addresses, and phone numbers.
Caregiver In-ServicesCaregiversIn-Service report grouped by Caregivers.
Caregiver Information SummaryCaregiversPrints a summary of information for each selected Caregiver.
Caregiver Mailing LabelsMailing LabelsMailing labels for Caregivers. Requires Avery label templates.
Caregiver Mini-SchedulesSchedulesA condensed format listing of shifts for Caregivers.
Caregiver NotesCaregiversNote report that can be filtered by Caregiver, Note Type, and date range.
Caregiver ReferralCaregiversA list of Caregiver referrals.
Caregiver RemindersCaregiversCreates reports, letters, and labels for TB tests, license renewal, performance reviews, etc. Learn more about the report parameters. 
Caregiver Statistics ReportCaregiversProvides statistical analysis of Caregivers/Applicants and hours worked.
Caregiver Vacations and AbsencesCaregiversReports on Caregiver scheduled and unscheduled absences.
Caregiver Working ReportCaregiversSummarizes Caregiver visits between a selected date range.
Caregiver Visit Count ReportCaregiversCount of confirmed visits by Caregiver.
Caregivers by ClassificationCaregiversA list of Caregivers grouped by Classification.
Case Managers Assigned ClientsCase Manager, ClientsLists each Case Manager and the Clients they are assigned to.
Case Manager Case LoadCase ManagerScheduled Client hours by Case Manager
Case Manager Mailing LabelsMailing LabelsMailing labels for Case Managers
Charting ReportSchedulesFor Care and Wound Notes
Client Assessment Form - BlankClientsA blank Client Assessment form.
Client BirthdaysClientsList of Client birthdays for a given month. Pulls from the Personal Data screen of each Client.
Client ContactsClientsLists Client and detailed information about Contacts.
Client DirectoryClientsPrints a directory-style listing of Clients, addresses, and phone numbers.
Client Information SummaryClientsSummarizes information on the Client. Can be given to a Caregiver and can be run from the Client Personal Data screen.
Client Interruption of ServiceClientsShows all Interruptions of Service occurring along with any existing Schedules during that time.
Client Mailing LabelsMailing LabelsMailing labels for clients.
Client MedicationsClientsLists medications and pulls from the medication tab on the Plan of Care.
Client Mini-SchedulesClientsPrints a condensed format listing of shifts for Clients.
Client NotesClients, Case ManagerPrints Client Notes by date range.
Client RemindersClients, Case ManagerPrints Client Notes by date range.
Client RetentionClientsAverage number of days Clients are serviced. Learn more about this report.
Client Roster ReportClientsLists all active Clients along with age, service start, gender, diagnosis, county, client type, and priority.
Client Statistics ReportClientsA statistical analysis of Clients and hours. Learn more.
Client Supervisory Visits DueClients, Case ManagerLists all Clients who have a Supervised Visit due between a given date range.
CMS1500 ICD10 Code Conversion ChartClientsCMS1500 ICD10 Code Conversion Report for each client.
Completed Schedules and TasksSchedules, Case ManagerLists schedules with task status, EVV logins, and signatures. Learn more about this report.
Confirmed ShiftsSchedulesAll confirmed shifts by a given date range.
COVID-19 Vaccination Status ReportCOVID-19Lists Clients or Caregiver vaccination status, vaccine dates, vaccine type, refusal reasons, etc.
Custom ReportsReport WriterAllows you to create custom reports from various report sources. Learn more about Report Writer.


DST Adjusted TimesheetsTimesheets/PayrollList of Timesheets with DST Adjusted (14 March 2021 to 07 November 2021)
Duplicate EVV ID ReportEVVLists all duplicates that need to be fixed or the EVV calls will not match to your schedules.


EVV Call LogEVVLists the Caregivers Call log.
EVV DetailsEVVEVV Details
EVV ID by CaregiverEVVLists the Caregiver EVV IDs.
EVV ID by ClientEVVLists the Client EVV IDs.
EVV MileageEVVMileage entered by caregivers using EVV.
EVV SchedulesEVVSchedules listing including EVV data.


Gross Profit ReportBillingDetermines which Clients and services are most profitable. Helpful when analyzing revenue, payroll, and gross profit by Client, Client Type, service, location, Referral Source, and shift.


Hospitalizations and ER VisitsClients Details and summary outcomes for Client hospitalizations and ER visits based on Interruption of Service, hospital discharge prior to SOC, and ER visits prior to SOC in the Client's file. Details include all hospitalizations and ER events, while the summary provides graphs and statistics on re-admission percentages. Learn more about this report.


Inquiries and Assessments ReportClients, Case ManagerLists inquiries and assessments by date range and location, plus the ratio of assessments to inquiries. Learn more about this report.
Invalid Caregiver LoginsCaregiversLists invalid website logins of Caregivers.
Invalid Client loginsClientsLists invalid website logins of Clients.


Manual Exceptions ReportSchedulesLists schedules with resolved/unresolved exceptions. Can be filtered and/or grouped by client, caregiver, payor, and exceptions.
Medications Administration Record (MARS)ClientsCreates a monthly report based on information in the Medications tab of the Plan of Care for use by caregivers to record when medications are administered.


Other Expenses by CaregiverSchedules, TimesheetsLists other expenses as entered on the other expenses tab of the schedule and/or timesheets.
Other Expenses by ClientBillingLists other expenses as entered on the other expenses tab of the schedules and/or timesheets.
Over Duration CallsEVVLists Over Duration Calls
Overlapping Schedule ConflictsSchedulesReports overlapping conflicts by Clients.
Overlapping Timesheet ConflictsTimesheets/PayrollShows overlapping conflicts by Client or Caregiver.
Overtime ReportTimesheets/PayrollOvertime hours worked per pay period.


Paycheck Protection FTE ReportCaregiversWeekly calculation of FTEs.
Payor Mailing LabelsMailing LabelsMailing labels for Payors.
Payor Directory ReportClientsPayor details.
Payors Assigned to ClientsClientsPrints a list of Payors and the Clients they are assigned to.
Physician Mailing LabelsMailing LabelsMailing labels for physicians
Plan of Care - CMS485ClientsPrints the last plan of care for the selected Client.
Plan of Care - Private DutyClientsCare Plan Report by Client.
Plan of Care - Tasks (7 day)Clients1 to 4 week summary report for Plan of Care Tasks.
Plan of Care EndingClientsLists Plans of Care ending by date range.
Projected Billing ReportBillingBilling details by Client projected based on current Schedules


Quality Assurance RatingsClientsQuality assurance feedback your clients have submitted.


Received TimecardsTimesheet/PayrollWeekly checklist showing which timecards have been received.
Referral Mailing ListMailing LabelsMailing labels for referral sources.
Referral Source DirectoryClientsA directory of all Referral Sources.
Referrals by DateClientsAll referrals for a given date range with options to include inquiry or service start date.


Sales Rep by Client ReportClientsLists all clients by sales representative.
Schedule Conflict ReportSchedulesReport identifies scheduling having the following conflicts: overlapping shifts, service order authorizations, exclusions, interruptions of service, scheduled absences, and availability.
Scheduled Overtime Hours ReportSchedulesDisplays which Caregivers have overtime in their schedules.
Scheduled Service EndingScheduleDisplays the last date of service scheduled per Client. Use this report to identify which Schedules need to be extended.
Scheduled Task ReportSchedulesListing of schedules with tasks to be completed grouped by client or caregiver.
Schedules by DateSchedulesLists all Schedules sorted by date, start time of shift, and Caregiver.
Schedules Confirmed TimeScheduleDisplays the schedule confirmed times versus the time the shift was originally scheduled.
Schedules Missing TimesheetsSchedulesList of confirmed schedules that do not have a Timesheet record.
Schedules vs. Confirmed TimeSchedulesDisplays the scheduled vs. confirmed time for each shift grouped by client or caregiver. Note: If the shift was created before this report was added to Generations in August 2016, NA is displayed in the scheduled start and end times.
Screening ReportSchedulesResults for screening caregivers prior to working.
Service Order AuthorizationsClientsTracks authorized units or amounts for Service Orders.
Service Order Details Grouped by ClientClientsService Order details for each Client listed by date and service performed.
Service Order Details Grouped by DateClientsService Order details for each Client listed by Client and date of service.
Service Order Details Grouped by ServiceClientsService Order details for each Client listed by Service performed.
Service Order Ending DateClientsLists all service orders with an end date within the specified range.
Service Order Prospective SchedulesClientsDetails how schedules would look if created based on service order settings. Options available to group by client, by date, and by service. This report does not display actual schedules. For scheduling authorizations run the Service Order Authorization Report.
Supervised VisitsCaregiversPrints a list of supervised visits for caregivers for a given date range.


Timesheet Detail by Pay PeriodTimesheets/PayrollTotal and overtime hours for each Caregiver summarized by pay period and Client. You can also show actual EVV Call times on this report. To select multiple weeks, hold down your shift or control keys while selecting weeks.
Timesheet Summary by Pay PeriodTimesheets/PayrollSummary of total and overtime hours for each Caregiver summarized by pay period and Client.
Timesheet Summary by Payroll ItemTimesheets/PayrollSummary of regular, overtime, and holiday hours for each payroll item.
Timesheets Missing SchedulesTimesheets/PayrollListing of Timesheets that do not have an associated schedule record.


Unconfirmed ShiftsSchedules, Case ManagerLists all shifts that have not been confirmed by Client or date range.


Virginia Medicaid DMASSchedulesDMS90 provider aide record required by Virginia Medicaid. Learn more about the electronic DMAS. You can also print and share with the caregiver.
Visit Count ReportClientsCount of confirmed visits by Client, grouped by Caregiver Classification.


Weekly Schedules ReportSchedulesBird's eye view of Schedules going forward for the next seven (7) days for either Clients or Caregivers.
Wellness ReportSchedules, Case ManagerLists all wellness questions associated with schedules grouped by clients and dates.
Wound SummaryClientsClient wound summary report.

Billing Reports

  • Advance Billing Reconciliation
  • Billing Report by Client
  • Billing Report by Date
  • Billing Report by Service
  • Gross Profit Report
  • Other Expenses Report by Client
  • Projected Billing Report

Caregiver Reports

  • ACA Full Time Equivalent
  • ACA Measurement
  • ACA New Hire Measurement
  • Caregiver Anniversary (Date of Hire) Report
  • Caregiver Assignments
  • Caregiver Badges
  • Caregiver Birthdays
  • Caregiver Directory
  • Caregiver Information Summary
  • Caregiver In-Services
  • Caregiver Notes
  • Caregiver Referral
  • Caregiver Reminders Report
  • Caregiver Statistics Report
  • Caregiver Vacations and Absences
  • Caregivers Visit Count Report
  • Caregiver Working Report
  • Caregivers by Classification
  • Invalid Caregiver Logins
  • Paycheck Protection FTE Report
  • Supervised Visits

Case Manager Reports

  • Available Shifts Grouped by Case Manager
  • Case Manager Assigned Clients
  • Case Manager Case Load
  • Client Notes
  • Client Reminders
  • Client Supervisory Visits Due
  • Completed Schedules and Tasks
  • Inquiries and Assessments Report
  • Unconfirmed Shifts
  • Wellness Report

Client Reports

  • Case Manager Assigned Clients
  • Client Assessment Form - Blank
  • Client Birthdays
  • Client Contacts
  • Client Directory
  • Client Information Summary
  • Client Interruption of Service
  • Client Medication
  • Client Notes
  • Client Reminders
  • Client Retention
  • Client Roster Report
  • Client Statistics Report
  • Client Supervisory Visits Due
  • Client Visit County Summary Report
  • CMS1500 ICD10 Code Conversion Report
  • Hospitalizations and ER Visits
  • Inquiries and Assessments Report
  • Invalid Client Logins
  • Medication Administration Record (MARS)
  • Payor Directory Report
  • Payors Assigned to Clients
  • Plan of Care - CMS485
  • Plan of Care - Private Duty
  • Plan of Care - Tasks (7 day)
  • Plan of Care Ending
  • Quality Assurance Ratings
  • Referral Source Directory
  • Referrals by Date
  • Sales Rep by Client Report
  • Service Order Authorization
  • Service Order Ending Report
  • Service Order Prospective Schedules
  • Visit Count Report
  • Wound Summary

COVID-19 Reports

  • COVID-19 Vaccination Status Report

EVV Reports

  • Duplicate EVV Report
  • EVV Call Log
  • EVV Details
  • EVV ID by Caregiver
  • EVV ID by Client
  • EVV Mileage
  • EVV Schedules
  • Over Duration Calls Report

Mailing Labels Reports

  • Caregiver Badges
  • Caregiver Mailing Labels
  • Case Manager Mailing Labels
  • Client Mailing Labels
  • Payor Mailing Labels
  • Physician Mailing Labels
  • Referral Mailing Labels

Schedules Reports

  • Available Shift Requests Report
  • Available Shifts Grouped by Date
  • Available Shifts Grouped by Client
  • Calendar Reports
  • Cancelled Shifts
  • Caregiver Mini-Schedules
  • Charting Report
  • Client Mini-Schedules
  • Completed Schedules and Tasks
  • Confirmed Shifts
  • Manual Exceptions Report
  • Other Expenses Report by Caregiver
  • Schedule Conflict Report
  • Scheduled Overtime Hours Report
  • Scheduled Service ending 
  • Scheduled Task Report
  • Scheduled vs. Confirmed Times
  • Schedules by Date
  • Schedules Missing Timesheets
  • Screening Report
  • Unconfirmed Shifts
  • Virginia Medicaid DMAS-90
  • Weekly Schedules Report
  • Wellness Report

Timesheet/Payroll Reports

  • DST Adjusted Times
  • Other Expenses Report by Caregiver
  • Overlapping Timesheet Conflicts
  • Overtime Report
  • Received Timecards
  • Timesheet Detail by Pay Period
  • Timesheet Summary by Pay Period
  • Timesheet Summary by Payroll Item
  • Timesheets Missing Schedules

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