Implementation Overview
  • 16 Jan 2023
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Implementation Overview

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Welcome! Click here, to watch our welcome video!

Here is a list of the things to focus on to get started with Generations. 

Configure Your Browser

Be sure your browser is configured properly to optimize your experience of working with Generations:


Often we find that agencies want to add schedules on the very first day of training or shortly thereafter. While this is certainly possible, you must have the following items established to add a schedule in Generations:

  • Billing Rates
  • Clients
  • Payroll Items
  • Caregivers and Pay Rates

Initial Setup Steps

TaskHelp Topic

Configure Company Settings.

Focus on the first tab. Add company information and the day of the week your pay period ends.

Company Settings Overview

Establish Security Settings

Security Overview

(Optional) Create Timesheet Weeks

You can create Timesheet weeks now, or wait until you're ready to process your first billing and payroll.

Timesheets Overview

(Optional) Establish the QuickBooks connection

If you use QuickBooks, establish the connection between Generations and QuickBooks to be able to import Clients, Caregivers, Service Codes, and Pay Rates.

Service Codes

Also known as billing rates, schedules cannot be created without Service Codes.

Payroll Items

This is a list of the names of the various pay items.

Payroll Items Master List


The minimal requirement for a client to be scheduled is first name and last name.

Caregivers and Pay Rates

The minimum required for scheduling a caregiver is first name, last name, social security number, and a pay rate.

Create Schedules

Scheduling Overview

Add information for other Master Lists

For Caregivers: Class, Classification, Note Type, Reminders, Skills

For Clients: Client Type, Location, Note Type, Reminders, Needs

Other considerations

Here are some other things you may want to consider. Your trainer will have additional suggestions and direction for you.

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