State EVV Overview
  • 17 Mar 2023
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State EVV Overview

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What Is State Electronic Visit Verification?

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) - an electronic timekeeping system used to verify when an employee arrives and departs from the client home. If your agency provides services for state-run programs, you may be required by the state to use a specific state-approved EVV system. Please check with your state for specific requirements.

How do I get started with State EVV?

Once you are familiar with your state requirements, order Generations EVV right from within Generations! This should be completed by an agency administrator or similar.

  • Click Admin at the top of the Home screen then select Order Generations EVV and GPS Visit Verification (You could also click Admin, Company Settings, then EVV.)
  • Select a toll free number. Click "refresh results" to see a new list of phone numbers.
  • Set an EVV  alert processing start date (which you can change later if desired,)
  • Enter your name and email address,
  • type "I agree," and
  • Click the Submit and your order is placed!

Once the order is submitted,

  • We will contact you to schedule EVV training. Be sure that your office receives EVV training. This is time to spend with a member of the Generations staff to discuss and configure EVV, as well as talk about daily operations and other features. We generally work with you weekly until data is flowing smoothly through your state interface or export.
  • Decide on a "Go Live" date - the day where Caregivers will begin calling in and out of EVV.
  • Review the EVV Data Flow.
  • Update Generations with EVV IDs for Clients and Caregivers.
  • Notify both Clients and Caregivers about EVV.
  • Go Live! On your go live date, you don't need to do anything to make EVV work. If you've done all of the things above, it is working.

Aggregator Summary

This is a list of aggregators currently available in Generations. Please see the specific state for further information.

Aggregator States Billing Method
Authenticare Transmit Arkansas. In this state Generations transmits data to Authenticare. Billing Export
Authenticare Import Kansas, South Carolina, Nevada, New Mexico. In these states you can import call data from Authenticare.
CareBridge Arkansas, New Jersey, North Carolina, Wyoming Via CareBridge
eMedNY New York CMS1500/837p
HHAX  Arkansas, Florida, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania. These states utilize the FTP method of transferring data. Billing Export
HHAX Alabama, Minnesota, New Jersey, West Virginia. These states utilize the API method of transferring data. Billing Export
Sandata Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Wisconsin. In these states, caregivers use Generations EVV. CMS1500/837p
Sandata Connecticut. For state programs, caregivers use Sandata EVV and data is shared with Generations. 
State Specific Export Oregon, Washington Billing Export
Tellus Florida, Georgia, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Virginia CMS1500/837p
Therap Services South Dakota Billing Export
Therap Services Alaska CMS1500/837p


The rollout of EVV varies greatly from state to state and many states are still struggling to finalize requirements and specifications. 

  • Some states chose multiple aggregators. 
  • Some states have requested and/or received exemptions for the 2020 deadline; please check with your state to learn more.
  • This list is updated as we learn more. 
  • If you have questions or information, please reach out to support via email or Live Chat.

State EVV Aggregator Notes


Alabama Exemption approved. Alabama state EVV Website.

Alaska Unknown Exemption approved. Alaska state EVV Website.

Arizona Sandata

Arkansas Exemption approved. Arkansas state EVV website.



Colorado Sandata Exemption approved. Colorado state EVV website.

Connecticut Sandata Exemption approved. Connecticut state EVV website.


Delaware Sandata Exemption approved. Delaware state EVV website.

District of Columbia Sandata Exemption approved. District of Columbia EVV website.


Florida Exemption approved. 


Georgia Tellus


Hawaii Sandata Exemption approved. Hawaii state EVV website.


Idaho Sandata Exemption approved.

Illinois Sandata with state system DCX

Indiana Sandata with state system DCX

Iowa CareBridge Exemption approved. Iowa state EVV website.


Kansas Authenticare Exemption approved.

Kentucky Tellus Exemption approved.


Louisiana LaSRS Exemption approved. Louisiana state EVV website.


Maine Sandata Exemption approved. Maine state EVV website.

Maryland LTTS Maryland/ISAS Exemption approved.

Massachusetts Unknown Exemption approved. Massachusetts state EVV website.

Michigan Unknown Exemption approved. Michigan state EVV website.

Minnesota HHAX Exemption approved. Minnesota state EVV website.

Mississippi Medikey Exemption approved.

Missouri Sandata Exemption approved. Missouri state EVV website.

Montana Unknown Exemption approved. Montana state EVV website.


Nebraska Tellus Exemption approved. Nebraska state EVV website.

Nevada Authenticare Exemption approved. Nevada state EVV website.

New Hampshire Unknown Exemption approved. New Hampshire state EVV website.

New Jersey Exemption approved. New Jersey state EVV website.

New Mexico Authenticare Exemption approved. New Mexico state EVV website.

New York For CMS1500/837p, our Billing Export works for New York state Medicaid through BITS. New York state EVV website.

North Carolina Exemption approved. North Carolina state EVV website.

North Dakota Unknown Exemption approved. North Dakota state EVV website.


Ohio Sandata Exemption approved. Ohio state EVV website.

Oklahoma Unknown Exemption approved. Oklahoma state EVV website.

Oregon eXPRES


Pennsylvania Exemption approved. Pennsylvania state EVV website.


Rhode Island Sandata Exemption approved. Rhode Island state EVV website.


South Carolina Authenticare Exemption pending. South Carolina state EVV provider resources.

South Dakota Therap Services Exemption approved


  • Sandata for TennCare Choices Program
  • PPL
No exemption applied. Tennessee state EVV website.

Texas Vesta EVV Exemption approved. Texas state EVV website.


Utah Providers can choose their own EVV vendor. Exemption approved. Utah state EVV website.


Vermont Sandata Exemption approved. Vermont  

Virginia Exemption approved. Virginia state EVV website.


Washington Provider One

West Virginia HHAX Exemption approved. West Virginia state EVV website.

Wisconsin Sandata

Wyoming CareBridge Exemption approved. Wyoming state EVV website.

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