EVV Overview
  • 21 Jul 2023
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EVV Overview

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What Is Generations EVV?

Generations EVV is an electronic timekeeping system used to verify when the employee arrives and departs the client's location.

  • Schedules are automatically updated and confirmed.
  • Alerts help you proactively identify late visits or no-shows and react before the client calls you.
  • Caregivers login to shifts via a toll-free number or via GPS on the Caregiver Mobile App.
  • Confirmed visits with no exceptions can be sent through State approved interfaces.
  • Additional fees and a license agreement are required.
  • For any questions, please use Live Chat or email sales@idb-sys.com

How do I get started with Generations EVV?

Place an order for Generations EVV right from Generations! This should be completed by an agency owner, administrator, or similar.

  • Click Admin at the top of the Home screen then select Order Generations EVV and GPS Visit Verification (You could also click Admin, Company Settings, then EVV.)
  • Select a toll free number. Click "refresh results" to see a new list of phone numbers.
  • Set an EVV alert processing start date (which you can change later if desired,)
  • Enter your name and email address,
  • type "I agree," and
  • Click the Submit and your order is placed!

Once the order form is submitted,

  • We will contact you to schedule EVV training. Be sure that your office receives EVV training. This is time to spend with a member of the Generations staff to discuss and configure EVV, as well as talk about daily operations and other features.
  • Decide on a "Go Live" date - the day where Caregivers will begin calling in and out of Generations EVV.
  • Review the EVV Data Flow.
  • Review the EVV Glossary to start getting familiar with terms.
  • Update Generations with EVV IDs for Clients and Caregivers.
  • Notify both Clients and Caregivers about EVV.
  • Go Live! On your go live date, you don't need to do anything to make EVV work. If you've done all of the things above, it is working.

This educational PDF gives a high-level overview of using Generations for visit documentation. Click the two arrows in the upper-right corner to print or download.


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Watch a training video overview of EVV.

Watch a 38-minute Spotlight Session webinar overview of EVV from 2020. Download the slides.

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