Virginia DMAS90
  • 09 Feb 2024
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Virginia DMAS90

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Article Summary

The DMAS90 is a form required by the Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS.) It records Caregiver's weekly comments and observations about Clients receiving care. 

  • A subscription to Generations EVV is required. Order Generations EVV by clicking Admin > Order Generations EVV.
  • If you have not already done so, tell Generations Support that you will be using Virginia DMAS  so we can enable this in your database and assign a trainer to work with you. 
  • Once the Virginia DMAS is enabled, you can find it under the Interfaces menu at the top of the Home screen.


 Using the DMAS90 requires some work in Payors, Clients, Schedules, and the DMAS90 interface. Tasks are added by Generations and cannot be changed or deleted.

DMAS Tasks

When Generations adds the DMAS to your database, we also add a DMAS90 Task Category. This category cannot be modified or deleted. DMAS90 Tasks are also in the database, but are only visible on schedules if you use the DMAS90.


If you have not already done so, add DMAS90 Payors to the Payor Master List. Click the Client menu from the top of the Home screen, then click Payors.


On the Client's Personal Data screen, assign a Payor to each Client who requires a DMAS90. 

  • Add the Payor to the Additional Payors tab.
  • Assigning a payor tells Generations to assign DMAS90 tasks to the client automatically; you only see the DMAS90 Tasks on the Schedule. You never see DMAS Tasks in the Client's Plan of Care.
  • Client's schedules must have the DMAS90 Payor selected.

Service Orders (Optional)

For Clients that receive authorizations, we strongly recommend Service Orders which track the number of hours or dollars allowed by a third party payor, typically Medicaid, the Veteran's Administration, or an insurance company. When scheduling with a service order, Generations alerts you if you create schedules that would exceed the established limitations, which helps ensure compliance with authorizations.


Schedule as normal and be sure that a DMAS90 Payor is selected. 

  • Any new schedules added for Payors checked in Virginia DMAS automatically have DMAS tasks assigned
  • DMAS Tasks are read only and cannot be modified or deleted. 
  • DMAS90 tasks can be unchecked as required when adding and/or editing schedules.

Virginia DMAS Settings

There are two things to do in the Virginia DMAS settings: 

  • Add an interface start date.
  • Add a checkmark to all Payors to include with DMAS90 reporting. Assigning a payor tells Generations to assign DMAS90 tasks to the client automatically; you only see the DMAS90 Tasks on the Schedule.

Weekly Operations

For weekly DMAS operations, 

  • the Caregiver updates DMAS on app, 
  • the Agency reviews DMAS90 Interface, and
  • when the week is completed, the agency reviews the DMAS90
  • the agency generates a DMAS90 Report for each Client.

Caregiver App

As schedules are updated automatically with DMAS90 tasks, the caregiver logs into the shift and indicates tasks performed. On weekly basis, however, the caregiver must also add comments and observations, obtain signatures, and an RN may also need to sign. There is a 350 character limit for comments and observations. All of this activity is done on the Caregiver Mobile App.

  • If all schedules for the week are confirmed, an app notification is sent to both Client and Caregiver that signatures are required. In this case, the caregiver opens the app and the DMAS90 form, adds weekly comments and observations, and obtains the required signatures. Tasks can be modified until the weekly signature is done.
  • If all schedules for the week are not confirmed, the app asks the caregiver to complete the weekly questions AND gives message that signature is not available until all shifts have been confirmed by the office.
  • Finally, if it's the last schedule of the week and a caregiver logs out of the last schedule, the app asks the caregiver to completely the weekly questions.

Caregiver App Walkthrough

DMAS90 shows on the Home Screen of the Caregiver app.

The caregiver receives this message upon logging in that indicates the DMAS90 must be completed. 

Caregiver taps on the DMAS90 icon and then sees a green checkmark indicating that this portion of the DMAS90 has been completed for the day. Here are the daily hours/tasks completed.

Tap on Daily Hours/Tasks and you see which day the hours and tasks were completed.

Here is an example of the weekly questions.

Signatures must be obtained once all shifts are completed and confirmed. If the caregiver tries to sign early they see this message:

DMAS90 Interface

To ensure that signatures are obtained weekly, review signatures under Interfaces > DMAS90. 

  • Click the Client name to open the associated DMAS90 report. You can also print the DMAS90 from the Reports Menu.
  • To send a request for a signature to a Client or Caregiver, click the blue envelope icon.
  • Note that the example below is missing signatures.

When you click the blue envelope to request a signature, you see this message. You can add additional words if desired.


DMAS90 Report

The Virginia Medicaid DMAS-90 report shows the provider aide record required by Virginia Medicaid. It is found under the Schedules area of Reports. Here is a sample of the completed form.

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