Wellness Groups and Questions
  • 08 Feb 2024
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Wellness Groups and Questions

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Wellness is a way to monitor the client's well-being to potentially minimize ER visits and re-hospitalizations. Using Generations EVV Caregivers answer questions about the Client regarding things like blood pressure level, pain level, PT exercises, self-dressing, and more. In turn, the agency receives alerts based on those responses and thus can take appropriate action. 

We added some Wellness Groups and Questions for you. Add additional items for your population.

  • The Wellness Groups Master List is a broad, basic list of subjects. 

  • The Wellness Questions Master list is specific questions asked of the caregiver at the end of the shift.

  • Both lists are under the Client list at the top of the Home screen or in the Client's Wellness tab.


Watch a 32-minute Spotlight Session webinar about Tasks and Wellness from 2020.

Wellness Groups

Wellness Groups are categories or broad, basic subjects. 

Add A Wellness Group

  • Click +New

  • Type the group name.

  • Click save.

Wellness Questions

Wellness Questions are asked of the Caregiver upon completion of a shift, and can be used to monitor the well-being of the Client. The questions asked depend on your clients.


  • Status: Active or Inactive.

  • Group Name: Click to show questions associated with specific Wellness Groups.

  • 1 to 9 of 9 Records: click the arrows to move through the list.

  • +New: Click to add a new item.

  • Yellow Pencil: Click to edit an existing item.

  • Red X: Click to delete an item.

  • Magnifying Glass: Click to see who most recently updated this item.

Add Wellness Questions

  • Click +New.

  • Type the question.

  • Select Wellness Group. Each question must be assigned to a group.

  • Select question type. The type can either be a Yes/No or Numeric. If the question is numeric, the answer can be a whole number (1,2,3, etc.) or decimals (5.5, 35.4, etc.) With decimals, the caregiver enters a * for the decimal like this: 10*25.

  • Click Save.

Wellness in the Client File

  • Assign Wellness Questions to a Client.

  • Indicate which staff member should receive the alerts.

  • Update future schedules

Wellness On Schedules

When adding or editing schedules, there is a Wellness tab. Add individual questions or copy existing questions from the Client's Wellness settings. 

On the Caregiver Mobile App

Caregivers answer Wellness Questions on the mobile app.

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